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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Colorado Connection is a great system and there to use. But it's not considered good form to ragchew locally on it. Thus, calling on it is encouraged, but remember to be brief or move to a local repeater or simplex if possible so that the whole state doesn't have to hear us complaining about Denver traffic or tying it up so that someone in Grand Junction or Breck or whatever can't get in.

The local repeaters that seem used most often are 145.145, 147.225/145.460, 146.940, 145.340.
I keep thinking about this, and since there are some new folks let me qualify: the only additional etiquette you'd need on the connection is to leave long breaks between transmissions, which you'll likely do anyway since it's on a repeater, but it's a little longer giving all the machines enough time to do their thing. .You could even invite folks to break in periodically, if you kept a longer QSO on the connection, that would be a nice touch.

Now you may prefer to not broadcast yourself all across the state, and that's just fine. And I do support the practice of moving the conversation to simplex when you just want to yak... but I think most folks would rather hear "something" on the connection than "nothing," there's an added piece of mind I get when I hear others on the air particularly when I'm out driving around, it lets me know that my radio is working and I could contact someone if needed. But I wouldn't be too shy about using the Connection, and getting yourself known in the community a little bit. You never know, you may call out for help some day and someone else may say "hey I recognize that call I think I know that guy..." which is one of the reasons you got into ham in the first place.
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