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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
How do you get the jets to come out of the fuel bowl when the carburetor is installed on the engine? It's kinda hard to reach in that M10 hole with your fingers

And how do you get the jets back in and get them threaded properly? Is it something that a person just has to try and it'll work? Or is there a technique?

It is actually pretty easy once you find where the jets are after removing the two front bolts at the fuel bowl. If you unscrew the jet(s) and lose them in the fuel bowl, you can easily remove the air horn and get to them that way. You'll just need a narrow flathead screwdriver and make sure you don't strip the notch in the jet. No need to remove the carb from the truck at all.

By the way, I came across two new OEM high altitude jets through Toyota in Albuquerque and couldn't pass up the super rare find. The 40 runs great (although probably a little rich), so I am going to see how she does at elevation with the 1.14mm primary and 1.80mm secondary jets. If it's too lean, I'll just put the stock 1.44mm and 2.30mm back in.
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