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Is that computer going to give you ignition control too or just fuel? I went with megasquirt mostly because it allowed me to use a Ford EDIS-6 ignition module to contol timing advance. I mounted the missing tooth wheel on my damper with an adapter turned on the lathe, then welded a V/R mount on the timing cover to finish it off. Seems to work very well just turning it with the starter.

The 3FE port fuel injection probably isn't really worth the amount of extra effort needed to get it together, head, TB, induction, cleaned and tested injectors, etc. But on the other hand, the long runners are amazing on this setup and I had to go this way once I saw it.

BTW, that's a nice job you did on the TBI manifold. I probably would have bead blasted it and rebored the insides after welding it if I hadn't got distracted with the 3FE stuff first.
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