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I was wondering if any of you could offer advice on a new camera for my wife and I. You'd be helping us buy our x-mas present. Right now all we have is a little point and shoot Cannon Elph, which is a great camera, but not for all occasions. We bought it because of how small it is, which makes travelling with it a breeze. But when we are on the trail, we have the room for a camera that can do a little more. Plus, I am tired of the phrase "don't bother taking a picture, the XXXXX will just look like a spec."

I am just starting my research now but thought I would shoot it out to you all to see what words of wisdom you have. I would also be interested to know if you guys visit any good used camera shops.

As far as our specification, we are still developing them. We do want a decent optical zoom and of course all of the standard features that come on most cameras now. Ease of use is always nice, so I don't need to give someone an instruction manual if they are taking our picture. Quality is also a big deal. I will always pay extra for quality when I am buying something I want to last.


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