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Default Yankee Doodle Lake Project

What an awesome club we have! We got all the posts set and cable run today. Bill has actual headcount, but it looked like we probably had at least 15-20 from Rising Sun, maybe more. Everyone was spread out over several different work areas, so headcount was tough. There were even some j**pers who were doing a trail run who stopped to help us out for a while. Besides Brian Rasmussen, there were two other Forest Service guys; they seemed pretty impressed with the amount of work that we accomplished.

Kevin Ehrlick and Mike Davidson helped out huge with their big pickups, and Kevin had a huge trailer too. He said we hauled 9600 pounds of concrete up there, in addition to the posts, cable and all the implements of destruction. Actually, Kevin hauled all the concrete. Thats 120 eighty pound bags on three pallets. Yikes!

Between Bill, Kevin, Brian Noble and the Forest Service guys, alone with other Rising Sun members, the organization was outstanding and work got done fast. The weather started out cold and rainy, then cleared up, then a huge thunderstorm came by at around 11:00, then it left and we pretty much got it done before then next storm rolled over the ridge. I didn't get any photos, but it looked like Mike and Perry were shooting some. Unfortunately, no press showed up. Oh well, at least when the Sierra Club shows up to plant trees and shrubs they'll be able to see what we accomplished.

Happy cruisin'!
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