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It's your choice, but I think you're leaving a lot on the table by sticking with vacuum control of spark. There is IMO no better way to get the best combination of power/reliability/economy than full closed loop control of fuel & spark. But then you can always revisit the spark thing down the road after you get it running with just TBI control. Good luck with it, and keep us informed on your progress!

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Steve- Thanks for the compliments. Ignition control would be controled by the ecm and ESC(Electronic spark control) either way I don't think I'll be using the electronic ignition control. I plan on using the factory toyota distributor and vacuum advanced. I will just use the ported vacuum line off of the throttle body. I will just have the ecm PROM Flashed to be used without it. I would like this system to be as simple as possible, and using an ESC will just make things more complicated.
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