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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
Very cool project matt! Needs more pictures!

I wish I could do this, but sadly, my truck is no longer eligible for classic status and thus will always have to pass emissions.
Thanks Isaac, I've been debating over the past couple of days whether it's actually a good idea and whether I actually want to do this. I guess the driving factor for me is that I get to learn about how the systems work and play with it and see what happens. If it doesn't work then I can always go back to stock, but at this point that would be harder than doing the full desmog because my BVSV is broken (my fault), I accidently threw away my EGR cooler, pipe and valve , and I have a '78 carb and a '79-'80 distributor, neither of which are really set up to work with my '77 emissions system anyway, so I'd have to get all those parts replaced (and while doing that decide what to do with my ignition system since I would have to go away from my current full-electronic setup to something else - more $$). Of course, I could ignore it (which I have been doing), but in the past few days of taking a closer look at things I've been learning a lot, which has been fun for me.

If I didn't already have ideas of things to do with the emissions stuff removed, and if most or all of it was still already installed, I probably wouldn't mess with it. But we'll see how this turns out; if my truck stinks and doesn't respond well to what I'm planning on doing then I may take it back anyway.

And yes I know more pictures would be good. I'm working on it, but wanted to flush out the concept first before pulling hoses off and going to town Hopefully tonight I can get more diagrams posted up which should help things make more sense.
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