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Originally Posted by powderpig View Post
I am bummed, I have a mini ex showing up at my house between 8-9am(it was to be this evening, but the company called and said bla bla) for the in-law that works with equipment to do some work(he come up once in a while from Tucson). He is good and quick for us to get a bunch of heavy stuff done. So I am out at this moment. Robin will be going to pick him up in the morning, so I need to be here.
Enjoy the breakfast and think of me when you are eating Bacon(we have none currently, I know it is a personal problem, is there a group for this?).

Sorry Issac, I will not be able to do what you requested(but If things change, and I do come, I will bring my computer).
Anyhow, I guess it will be after Christmas before I get to see all of you, happy holiday and enjoy how ever you celebrate the holidays.
Hey no worries Robbie, I asked Kevin to bring his. It'll take two seconds, so we'll get it all sorted.

Cheers man!

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