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Ed. Note: This is a typo, it's a FT-817ND

Yaesu FT-517ND - All mode/All band radio - $475 (Colo Spgs)
Here is a mint condition FT-517ND rig that comes with an internal battery, power supply, and a 20 meter portable antenna.
This second is the FT-817, the first generation of the radio. It's lacks the WARC bands and does have a different final power amp design that is slightly less reliable than the current FT-817ND (and I stress slightly). But with the BHI board this would be a very, very nice radio. I'm tempted to buy it and sell my FT-817ND...

Yaesu FT-817 with BHI DSP and dual filter board with 300hz and 2300hz - $550 (Fort Collins)
I bought this used 3 months ago for and haven't had time to play with it. The mic cord is yellow now because the one pictured broke a connector. Also included is a field manual for the radio. I think this thing needs a new speaker too, I just set it up and couldn't get any sound even though it was receiving and transmitting.

Yaesu FT-817 with BHI DSP and dual filter board with 300hz and 2300hz Collins filters

New with the options is over a grand. This one priced at $550

This is a very nice FT-817 with the upgraded PA board to cure the blown finals problem.

Installed from W4RT are the BHI DSP unit which is excellent. Also the One Board Filter with Collins 300hz and 2300hz mechanical filters.

Info here:

After the finals went south a couple years ago, the PA board was replaced with the latest board that solves the blown finals problem. After installation, I tested the rig into a dummy load @ 5W keydown for 30 minutes and while it got really hot, there were no problems, so the new PA design seems solid.

There have been no mods to increase power (a bad idea even with the new PA). Full power is set to exactly 5W, as read on my OHR QRP meter. Lower output settings are right on the money.

Other enhancements include an 8-cell AA battery holder that has been fused to allow charging in the rig.

Also included is a Maha MN-FNB-72 1700 MaH NiMH pack. It will take a charge, but I have not tested capacity. I have been using Sanyo Eneloop AA cells with great success, so the Maha pack has little use.

With the DSP and filters, this little rig really performs well. The 2300hz Collins filter not only helps receive, but it really helps with transmit, allowing more audio punch in the right places, over the stock ceramic filter. I have made many SSB contacts on 5 watts into a 30 foot wire in a tree.

For CW, the 300hz filter gives this little rig great selectivity.

Included are the box, OEM whip antenna, mic, and strap. Unfortionately, I lost one of the strap brackets that mount on the rig, so if you want to use the strap, you will need to order a bracket from Yaesu.

I really hate to part with this little gem, as I have had a lot of fun with it, but I recently built an Elecraft K1 for CW, and an Elecraft K3 that I will be using for portable SSB and digital. Since I want some more options for the K3, the FT-817 needs to go to pay for them.

If you are looking for a loaded FT-817, you will be pleased with this one. All the options are installed, and it is ready for field day.

From what I understand, there is a mod to add 60M to this rig, but I never looked into that, as 5W ssb on 60M probably isn't very practical.
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