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Default J-Pole Antenna

I want an antenna for the garage and for camp that will extend the range of my VX-7R. Right now with the mag mount antenna on a pie plate I can't hit Colorado Connection from my house in Boulder. That's kinda crummy.

When I met Kurt in the Swell for the Overnighter I noticed he was using a J-Pole, so that got me thinking... I need one to. It seemed to work well. I have a pine tree outside the garage I want to put it in.

So I dug a little bit and found these instructions:

A few questions....

Can I add a threaded connection in the main mast (halfway up section "a") that I can take it apart at? I seem to remember that Kurt Had his put together like that.

Also, what coax should I use? Seems like there are a ton of options out there.
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