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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
A few questions....

Can I add a threaded connection in the main mast (halfway up section "a") that I can take it apart at? I seem to remember that Kurt Had his put together like that.

Also, what coax should I use? Seems like there are a ton of options out there.
Yes you can put a threaded coupling in the long element for easier transport.

For a portable setup I'd use the shortest run of 8X coax as possible. 8X is the same OD as RG58 and but is more flexible, plus it has less loss at V/UHF. 8x ain't perfect, but it will certainly get the job done.

With the price of copper these days (unless you have some laying around) and the time building and tuning, I'd put my money down on another one of These. Plug and play, no tuning and it gives you 440 which opens up 100's more repeaters. You can even order it with a threaded joint in the long element.

Edit: looks like Dave beat me to it on the coax. The 310 machine is above Golden just outside Golden Gate State Park.

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