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Originally Posted by Bruce Miller View Post
The Yaesu web site claims the FT-817ND will operate on all bands 160-10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters, plus 70cm. How come this one won't work on the WARC bands? It seems to me that the one in Fort Collins comes with too much baggage. Too much bad history. And if it really doesn't have WARC band capabilities, it's not worth anywhere near the asking price. Buyer beware!
Like Brian says, the early FT-817 (no ND) did not do WARC bands out of the box. The DSP is worth about $170 and the dual filter mod about $250. New the FT-817ND is about $625. The finals problem was a known issue and Yaesu did replacements to the power amp board that is in the current FT-817ND, so that in and of itself wouldn't be a huge worry. I agree that I would probably offer a bit less than he's asking, though. Two things would concern me, the battery modification can be problematic and whether or not the mods were done by W4RT or not.
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