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I have an antenna analyzer (MFJ-269) that does HF, VHF and UHF up to about 470MHz. After the new year I would be happy to help anyone tweak their antennas.

BTW, yes there are differences in SWR bridges in frequency range, power handling, etc. CB SWR meters usually work OK for ham HF (160m-10m) bands if you use very low power (10W or less). But if you run full power from a typical ham rig it's almost definitely going to kill it. If you run higher than about 30MHz into a CB SWR meter it's also not going to be happy. Remember 6m ham is about 50MHz, VHF around 145MHz and UHF around 450MHz. If you limit the power doing frequencies beyond the meter's range /might/ not ruin them but they aren't gonna work right.
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