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Originally Posted by smslavin View Post
Same here. I do a lot of work travel to Europe (mostly Belgium and Germany) and the best I've been able to accomplish is to ask about the weather, find a good restaurant and ask for the best beer.
The important ones!

I would like a beer. Large please.
Ich hatte gerne ein Bier. Ja, bitte grosse.

I would like the sausage with cabbage.
Ich hatte gerne die Wurst mit Sauerkohl.

Where is the men's room?
Wo ist die WC? Vielen Dank!

Help, my monkey is sick!
Helfen, mein Affe ist krank!

May I borrow your towel? My truck hit a water buffalo.
Darf ich dein Badetuch leihen? Mein Hilux schlug einen Wasserbüffel.
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