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Last weekend I was doing some work on my laptop and happened to fire up Orbitron on a whim and saw AO51 in range. I tuned into the downlink frequency 435.300. I was able to clearly hear satellite traffic on the J-pole (2- meter tuned). Unfortunately I don't have much experience with the VX5 (my sons and he was out of town) so I couldn't figure out how to switch over the the up link frequency quickly enough before it was gone (RX on one freq TX on another). Point is I'm happy with the j pole on 70 cm. As for portability the j-pole, one made from twin lead would easily coil up and fit in a glove box, cost would be about one dollar/antenna. (300 ohm twin lead is cheap). Buy a coil of it and have an antenna making party at a meeting.

As for the hope the Arrow j-pole will do better than the home brew yagi, I'm no expert but I don't see how that cold be possible, unless there was a problem with the yagi. Just thinking theory of directional vs. omni-directional.

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