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Originally Posted by FJBen
Wished I coulda made it! Awesome work. My friend stayed up there til 5ish I think, Bob was his name, bronze TJ, good guy.

he helped weld for us on the Horsetooth 4 wheelers gate fix on Crystal.
Originally Posted by nakman
Yes, thanks Bob (if you're reading this) for all your help! In addition to helping string cable, he was instrumental in spearheading the battery-welding for the shackle on the winch anchor. Good guy, and resourceful.. dude you should get a Cruiser!

As you can tell by my membership number, I am now the newest member to this forum (although I have watched it from time to time over the years). As for getting a Cruiser myself, all in good time. I haven't owned a Toyota in several years now, but that will change. Not to mention, I'm getting pretty good at wrenching on Ben's stuff now.

Again, a great project... thanks for organizing it. I am glad that I could be part of it.

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