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I think my first antenna was the same one broke, the Comet SBB-5

Mine broke somewhere in the bottom casing, bottom of Steelbender 2 CM's ago. I realized then the casting was fairly thin. Hit one of the only trees on the whole freakin run..

I blame that more on my mounting location though, was at the top of the rear hatch at the time, which is vulnerable particularly at the corners.

I'll toss in a few general antenna comments:

1. Get a short stubby one for trails, like the SBB-1.

Great on trails, and you'll be hitting most repeaters too. I keep a longer one slid under the back seat, just in case I need to swap to reach something, or have a longer drive than usual in store and want to mess around. The performance loss is noticeable, but way more than adequate for repeaters around town, and running trails.

2. Commit early to either NMO or PL-259 mounts. You can't mix these up, unless you have separate mounts.. so if you want to be swappin' antennae, particularly if you put a rig in a second or third vehicle, commit to just one mount type.

3. Do you really need the fold-over? Are you really going to use it? I tried to play that at first, in and out of the garage, and quickly grew tired of it... also forgot both ways multiple times.
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