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Default ARB/ gear stuff

Hmm. I have an ARB diff apart tonight and tonight only if you want to compare stuff on it. The only ARB failure I've seen is a blown up (destroyed housing) and ones that the little torx head screws have loosened up on or broken off on.

Good job on Justin's diff. I just took apart the 4.88 I slapped together for the front of my rig for cruise moab (and broke in on the hole-in-the-rock trail.) The gears (even though they were last minute, cheapo 4 cyl genuines) looked great. They are still not broken in, but were (are?) getting there. I didn't put a lot of miles on my front diff. The pattern still looked great.

PS "nominal" checking distance on a toyota diff is tough to figure out because of variation in pinion head thickness from different vendors. If all you ever put in were "toyota" gears, then this would be good to know. The yukons I'm putting together now show the CD in inches on the pinion head. no +- from nominal is given. I may have been trying to learn something that isn't important for setting up aftermarket gears.

Tonight I finish the 5.29s on the V6 ARB. Right now the pattern is too close to the toe and 'flat.' I need less pinion shim. I'm guessing I'll end up with .067 or so under the head (v6 gears on v6 diff).
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