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Default OK, I'll come clean...

I'm probably not the last I'm sure. Maybe for right now.

Andrea and I decided to look for a 100 last summer. We decided that if we could sell the 80, and buy the hundred/pay registration and begin to outfit the things on the 100 and not go onto our pocketbook for more cash (at least to begin with), we would search for our 100.

I performed inception to the OP, and I'm so much better than Leo at that task that the OP got his within an few weeks of inception. I figured if he could, so could I.

We put our beloved 80 for sale and waited, all along casually surfing AutoTrader and craigslist all over for "our" hundy.

Our 80 sat for a long while for sale. We even wondered if it would even sell at all. After many, many refused low-low offers, and with the help of a dear friend from Utah, the right buyer contacted us and the ball was set in motion.

We had our eye on "our" 100 for a few weeks. It was in KS. It was sitting in the for sale lot for a while just like our 80. I thought that this was it. If we got the right offer on ours, I'd make the offer on this one, fly out to KC with Emilee and drive her home. Luck was not so ready to let herself be seen. After the deal on the 80 was signed and sealed, I called the dealer in KC (with whom I had talked to 2 times previously on the phone checking in on our anticipated 100) and he called right back saying that the 100 had been sold a week ago. I was furious. I had asked him to call me if it was sold. Fate had different ideas.
So I was looking at a few on iH8mud and autotrader when a mud link to a lifted one in Orange County caught my eye. So I looked at the ad. Not my 100. I decided to search the Orange County craigslist for landcruisers.

Disco. In Los Angeles was our 100. 1999. Blue. Grey leather interior. Rear Diff lock. Rear Air. 118k miles. Asking price was what I was wanted to pay.

I emailed the seller. He said he was going to show it that weekend. I didn't hesitate. I asked a couple of confirming questions and arranged a paypal deposit. Then I booked a flight that Sunday, two hours after I was supposed to pick up the buyer of our 80 at DIA. I thought it was fortuitous. I would meet him in the passenger pickup area, sign the bill of sale and title, he would drive away and I would get on a flight to LA. So it was. I flew out to LA, and 1050 miles later, it was sitting in the driveway at our house.

Despite being "detailed" by the PO, it needs a thorough cleaning, two hood struts and a 90k service. Dealer records indicate good Toyota maintenance its whole life. Now I just get to be put on the wait list for ARB torsion arms before I begin the transformation. Lift, tires and a dual battery for the HAM gear are the beginning. Then a front locker and some protection. Maybe a drawer or two.

I think the transfer case was shifted for the first time in St George Utah on my way home when I tried the rear locker. Undercarriage is beautiful.

The last shot is my In-N-Out poser shot sent via text to my wife. We both love that place. She was jealous. The best part was the fact that Emilee wanted our 80 to come back to the driveway. The seller of our 100 had a daughter who was Emilee's age who didn't want "Sally" to go. They had both grown up in the respective cruisers. I can understand that.
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