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I'm with Jeff. I went to comcast after being so sick of Qwest that I wanted to vomit. Comcast is about the same. Their modem sucks, and I need to see if they have an upgrade. It has to be reset about twice a week, and Comcast's customer service makes me want to tear my hair out.

I haven't had the same issues with bill's going up up up, but I went with a TV package for some specific channels. After the promotion period, they told me I could pay over 2x what I was paying to get those channels back, when I called to find out why two of my channels were no longer listed as viewable.

I am likely going to dump comcast for Direct TV. I'm sure they are just as bad, but I did like that, when going through stuff online, they give you a print out of every bill you will pay over the 2 year contract, and show what the bill will go up to once the promotion ends. I will have to check the fine print, but that is far better than what comcast has done for me, when I have to call and spend 20 minutes on the phone trying to get someone to help me with my bill.

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