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We have a naked Qwest DSL. Have never had cable in this house, so I don't have a comparison. Been with Qwest since 2004 in this house. Originally when we bought it we had a Qwest dial tone and a Earthlink (Covad provisioned) DSL. That was terribly unreliable and Qwest offered a switch deal to consolidate phone, Internet and cell into one bill. We later dropped the cell and dial tone, since about 2005 or so we've been on a DSL-only account with Qwest. We have cell phones separate from Qwest.

We did have a AT&T @Home cable modem in the old house in Arvada before it was qualified for DSL (if ever, DSL was never available by the time we moved in 2003). It was OK, I dunno that I remember much about it. We only had the Internet, no cable TV (we've actually NEVER had cable TV).

I couldn't be happier with my Qwest DSL. Originally it was a plain old 1.5Mbps through an Actiontec modem/router, consistent speed but a little unreliable during rain. Turned out that a squirrel chewed our phone line on the pole and once replaced that decreased drop outs by a whole ton.

About 3 years ago they came around with new fiber (FTTN I think, since 7Mbps was the max) and offered upgrades, which we did to 7Mbps and I bought a 2Wire modem/router/wifi. That was stone cold solid all the time. We seem to now have FTTP because about a year and half ago they offered us up to 40Mbps service. About 4 months ago we upgraded to 20Mbps (the highest my 2Wire would go, which I own). Right now I get about 17Mbps data rates with a connection at just over 20Mbps. It has been very reliable so far <knock wood>. I'm paying about $60 per month for the DSL and ISP (the ISP part is $7/month I think).

I have no problems getting Netflix HD streams at full resolution, generally get about 1.8~2MB/s sustained downloads. Ping times to Level3 (Netflix's provider) are always around 50ms. I use Google's public DNS ( and OpenDNS as a second.
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