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I pretty much loath any cable company with a passion, they are money sucking hoes that never seem to age. Their service is nothing but suck and the prices always go up. my comcast cable has been pretty reliable and I like on demand but that's as far as it goes. Prices go up every year or two

When i was in dc there wasn't a day the cable company could keep the internet up. They sucked worse than comcast.

Quest - I've had a dedicated dsl line since 04 and it's gone down 2x. one time i've had to replace the modem that went belly up right after the warranty. I've had to reset the modem less than 5x. usually service has been pretty good when needed.
Why the friggen phone line cost so much is a bend over from them. I really want to ditch quest all together because I feel the $100 a month is way over priced for the services I get but like jeff noted it hasn't gone up in quite some time and has been really reliable.

I still think I should get comcast internet and go voip for phone and I should be able to save more than half my quest bill.

I've also thought about going dish for tv and cable and voip and get rid of both quest and comcast. I dunno
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