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I've had both.

Qwest is more dependable in my experience...

Like Jeff Said, Comcast is so attractive up front, but when the 'limited time offers' start expiring it was crazy enough for me to switch back to Qwerst which I swore I would never ever do.

Of the 300 outages we have a year with dsl (all of them while I'm not home), 299 of them are caused by one of the kids throwing a ball and unplugging something.

Comcast was down about once a week for a real outage longer than a few minutes, it was pretty bad. Although I'm sure this is really area dependent.

Qwest has me all "bundled" up though, they make it really really hard to get away from what you don't actually want.

My biggest issue is, and I don't care what they say, they severely limit download speed when they want to, it drives me insane.

I would LOVE a pipe from Qwest that actually sustained performance at the advertised speed. The 'speed tests' always pass, but real-life, I'm gonna download some real data, it slows to about a 10th of advertised.

but it stays up.
and I have to have that for work.
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