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my comcast internet has been very reliable. very few down times and no issues with my modem. that said, i was pissed with the tv service side of things and their customer service twits. i had expanded basic for eight years. when they went digital, all i could get was local. when i called i was told that i would have to buy an upgrade, but it was only $29 more a month. i asked numerous times for the post special pricing and either they were deeply confused or they are trying to mislead people. i felt during our conversation it was the latter.

i got rid of tv and use an antenna now. i found online that my rate would be $60 more/month for the 100 crappy channels and four channels i liked, once their introductory special was up. i have watched one movie on my computer and it was fine and i've had ooma for phone service for a year or so and it's great too.

qwest has no plans to put fiber in my hood anytime soon so they can suck it.
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