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Originally Posted by Seldom Seen View Post
'Cuz even with a 9:1 balun you are still looking at an impedance miss match of around 3:1. Your transmitter would tolerate it but coax would become vary lossy.
That was my more or less my guess. I think there really isn't a practical solution to this for high band VHF because the ladder line becomes lossy at those frequencies. Darned if you do, darned if you don't. My thinking is that a wound transformer would be less lossy than any cable, but then a 9:1 balun is a basically a great big lumped heater that leaks a little RF, forgetting 20:1. Really 4:1 is about the limit of practicality. On the up side the antenna would be resonant at least, if almost impossible to feed. So the antenna itself would be efficient at radiating whatever makes it down the pipe.
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