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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Qwest is unique (or at least was) among RBOCs in that they will let you drop the voice phone service and keep just the DSL. I don't mind paying for the 20Mbps tier because with it I can stream TV and movies and use VoIP.
Yep...If you don't need/want a home phone line you can go with "Naked DSL" - Some people love their land line and will never be without it - My in-laws for instance live in an area without cell coverage and numerous times over the last upteem years the only thing still working at their house when they have been snowed in is the land line...others love their cell phones and/or VoIP and have no need for a land line.

I can't argue with the complaints about the cost of just a land line...Seems like Qwest could/should try to make it more attractive to keep but that is a double edge sword. Of course Qwest can't do anything about all of the taxes and fees they have to collect either which certainly doesn't help the cost.

We are bundled with Qwest (phone/internet, DirecTV, and Verizon) which helps save money. I've been very happy with all three despite the cost which like everyone I would like if it were less...But when I think of what people spend every month on a cell phone with text messaging and data package it amazes me when compared to what they would pay for a land line and DSL. If only you could carry that around with you

I think one thing is for sure...It appears that location has a lot to do with your overall experience and that just because Qwest or Comcast or whatever is fabulous in one area, that won't necessarily be the case in another area.

Edit: Found that the CO PUC approved the merger and one of the conditions is that the new combined company committed to investing a minimum of $70 million in broadband infrastructure in Colorado over five years.
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