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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
I can't argue with the complaints about the cost of just a land line...Seems like Qwest could/should try to make it more attractive to keep but that is a double edge sword. Of course Qwest can't do anything about all of the taxes and fees they have to collect either which certainly doesn't help the cost.
I don't fault Qwest for the price of a land line, but the total cost to me was not worth it. The price was (I think) $19 for the dial tone but ended up nearly $30 with fees and taxes. People in the city where it costs nothing to get traditional phones heavily subsidize the government decree that everyone pay the same price to get a dial tone.

It costs Qwest (by assumption of U.S. West) a boat load to get that land line to a rancher in Montana and they have among the worst situation for satisfying that requirement due to geography. The west is big and spread out compared to the other Bells. Comcast and other providers are not regulated the same as RBOCs, so they don't have to provide the infrastructure to support 100 year old technology and regulation.

With VoIP I think that requirement is outdated. Wild Blue can provide IP services pretty much anywhere, so why should a switched circuit be the only option for a phone? Or at least why shouldn't someone in a very rural spot have to bare the true cost of living so remotely and pay more closely what it actually costs to run phone lines to very low density areas?
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