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Wow, I am glad to see all this discussion!! Basically, I have never built an antenna from scratch, which I can only assume other new Ham operators have not. I was interested in a design which is portable, breaks down and sets up easily, does not take up much room and works well. I was thinking if it can break down and be put inside of a larger piece of PVC tubing with end caps, that would be tough, durable and easy to pack. If we can get enough interest I am happy to volunteer my house for assembly, I have all the tools necessary to put the antennas together and the MFJ-269 for tuning.. I am in the South West area Simms & Belleview.. Kick this around some more and lets see if we can come up with a design that everyone likes and would like to try, then we can put together a list of materials and work on a date and time.. Just a note, I for one get just a bit intimated with the level of expertise and knowledge you guys have and want to start grabbing some books to look up some of the things you are saying I think it is GREAT and I hope others can take advantage of this generous knowledge and willingness to help..
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