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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
How much of that can be accomplished these days with Photoshop? Do you still think shooting with a filter is as essential as it was in the pre-computer age?
Most of it can be done in post. The biggest issue is learning to think in B/W and not color. Once you understand in your eye how things will convert, you can adjust your exposures and what you meter on. The rule I follow is to expose for the highlights and print for the shadows.

Think about what you want the final image to look like before you click the shutter. If you looked at an Ansel image straight from the film and then compared it to what the final print looks like, you'd be floored. 'Moon over Hernandez' is an excellent example.

It's all about learning to 'see'.

Dave, yay for TMax! Very smooth B/W film. Tri-X and HP5 are still my all time favs.
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