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B&H and Adorama are the tops online. 100% legit but don't expect any sort of warm fuzzy service. I bought my Canon Xsi kit at Costco. Best price and easiest return. It was a kit with body, two lenses and a bag. You don't really need a camera bag. I went and bought a small pelican case later anyway. A backpack and towel work well too.

Also budget around $50 for a UV filter which is primarily to protect the end of your lens from dirt and scratches. It is much easier to replace a filter than a $3-800 lens.

Doing it again I'd buy the camera body alone and then one good lens, such as a 28-135 IS (IS=image stabilized).

Counter-intuitive at first, the higher end cameras often have fewer features because features = automation while less features = more custom photographer control and usually better components.

On the other hand, the new mirrorless ones with lenses are intriguing.

All in all, your eye, how useable it is for you and the lens are the most important features. DSLR feature can be overwhelming. And its tough to get a great DSLR at the $600 end. You have no idea how many of those camera rigs you see are $3-6000.00 setups (not mine FWIW)

Used is another option.
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