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Since I sold the Tacoma early last summer, the 40 got quite a bit of time in the dirt this year. Really the off road performance has been everything I've needed it to be. With the open diffs I've had a few obstacles that concerned me, but I haven't needed a strap yet. With the short wheel base and moderately good flex it always seems to find a good line and ride it up. The lift and tires give it the right amount of clearance while keeping the COG as low as possible. The tall 33's push the limits of the lift, and I've had a tiny amount of rubbing on the rear fender lip (fixed by bending the sheet metal up) and with one of the front fenders.

The only knock I'd give it is that the springs have been slow to break in and settle, and in stock Cruiser they are a bit too firm unloaded. With the top off, it's at its worst in terms of riding high on the shackles. But with the hard top on and several hundred pounds of gear in the back it settles in nicely and rides like I would expect/want. I've been tempted to load it with a few sand bags just to try and settle it a bit.

And if you already have Cruiser lean, the OME springs don't fix it....
- Matt
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