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Originally Posted by Chris sandstorm FJ View Post
Hey Bryan glad to hear you are coming back out for another Cruise Moab.

I had a thought about your options. You could do part of the Kokopelli trip.

If you made it to rRfle Tuesday night, you cold take the Cisco exit off of I70 and take that road almost into Moab. At the Dewey Bridge you could make a left and wait for us there, we should be there mid morning sometime Wednesday, then proceed on the rest of the Kokopelli with us, which has some of the best features to come anyway...

Not sure if it is already full but this might work for you if there are spots open.

That sounds tempting but I don't want to take a spot if there is someone wanting to run the whole thing. I'll check with you guys closer to May, if there are still spots, or someone cancels, I might take one. Still hope to get to Moab early enough on Wed to do a run somewhere that afternoon regardless. Hopefully won't be setting up camp in 45mph winds The tent has till got red sand in it.
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