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Originally Posted by rhyary View Post
Thanks RockDog
I got into the Kikopelli. Since I am planning on doing a trail on Monday, I will either have to drive Monday night to get closer to trail head, or get up early in the morning.

I was planning on going the easy way, 191 North to I-70 East.

I assume that exact details on the meeting place will be provided.
Sitting 2500 miles a way the instruction "starts at Rabbit Valley turnoff" sounds a bit vague to me.

Sorry Rami,
Yes, all participants that get to run the Kokopelli will be receiving detailed information... Rabbit Valley is something like 2 miles from the Utah/Colorado Border, on the Colorado side... and the Loma Colorado exit is something like 15 miles from the Utah/Colorado Border....

There is a closer town to the Border called Mack at 11 miles, but i don't remember if they have Gas....

Have Fun! I wish i could go on the Multi night run....

Thanks for the Map pointer Marco !
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