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Originally Posted by docmallory View Post
Hey y'all - Count me in as a Moab newbie. I'll be going up Tuesday, taking a leisurely drive in the new-to-me 80. I'm still a novice (only been off-roading twice, and never in my 80 or in this type of terrain). I'll will be sticking with the easier trails for now - although I may see if any of the veterans want a passenger for one of the harder trails.

Things to do between now and then -
Finish up base-lining
new tires
air compressor
learn as much as possible

I'm open to any advice or suggestions anyone wants to throw at me.
Welcome! You'll have a blast. Just a warning though, after spending a week at Moab with your truck, your wallet will start thinning rapidly as you find more and more things to spend money on to make your truck more dirt friendly.
- Matt
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