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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
Welcome! You're going to love Moab.

Have you removed the stock running boards?
I plan to pull them off before I go. I have spent a lot of cash on this truck already this year, with tax, baselining, fixing odds and ends, and the upcoming new tires (285's) . Wife is telling me to cut back on spending (something about saving for the kids' education, or something silly like that) so I'll be on a tight budget preparing my stock 80 for Moab. Keep in mind, I didn't buy this 80 to beat up or heavily modify. I tend to see it more as a classic car, used for weekend fun and hobby wrenching while keeping it nice.

So with all that said, now I'm struggling over whether to find some cheap bolt on sliders, take a chance on boogering up my rockers, or just go and try to ride along with others while the cruiser sits safely at camp. Maybe I'm a [vagina], but I'm already thinking of switching out of Elephant Hill because I heard it can cause brush pinstriping.

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