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Default CM11 Tech Inspectors Needed

I thought I would go ahead and get a post up so folks can start thinking now about whether they can volunteer to support this activity.

You do not need to be an experienced mechanic in order to perform this function so don't let that prevent you from signing up. We have folks work in 2 person teams and it's primarily a clipboard/checklist activity. If your spouse want's to help out that will be fine. If there are any serious mechanical concerns we will have experienced folks available to make the call on those items. Tech inspection will be held at Slickrock Campground so if you aren't staying there plan on dropping by.

Mon-Tue - We are going to need folks participating in the Kokopelli and San Rafael Swell overnight runs to be the Tech Inspectors for vehicles on those runs.

Wed is always busy and we can use a minimum of 4-6 people per shift, 4-6 is usually enough for Thur & Fri.

Wed - We have the following shifts to staff: 8-10; 10-12; 1-3; 3-5

Thur - 7-8

Fri - 7-8

Please indicate if you have enough mechanical experience that you are comfortable being the shift/team leader for the period you sign up.

As always, thanks for your support for making CM11 a great event.
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