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Originally Posted by docmallory View Post
So with all that said, now I'm struggling over whether to find some cheap bolt on sliders, take a chance on boogering up my rockers, or just go and try to ride along with others while the cruiser sits safely at camp. Maybe I'm a [vagina], but I'm already thinking of switching out of Elephant Hill because I heard it can cause brush pinstriping.

Get sliders and don't go "cheap" - I don't know of any cheap sliders for an 80 but slapping on some "nerf bars" or the like can cause just as much damage as having nothing. You might be just fine without them but if you miscalculate on the trail, the cost to repair the rocker panel(s) will make the cost of a good set of sliders look cheap.

Matt covered you on E-Hill - just know that it is a LONG day as the drive to/from the trailhead is quite far from Moab...IIRC you meet at 7am vs. the more normal 9am time for tha majority of the other trails.

I'm trying to think of other stockish 80 friendly trails...Fins & Things as Matt mentioned although that one can be a rear bumper eater (if you have the stock rear bumper and a hitch, leave the hitch on to protect the rear bumper). As I recall Hells Revenge is actually not bad (been a couple years) as the harder obstacles are optional and even they aren't really rocker killers. I'd avoid Porcupine Rim and Poison Spider Mesa and probably Wipeout Hill.

Best bet, just get the 285s and sliders on and go from there.
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