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Originally Posted by docmallory View Post
Her response was "whatever", which means "buy whatever sliders you want". WOOHOOO!
She's a keeper! Slieders are a worthy investment, but not 100% necessary. Removal of running boards is. I was one of the first CM 80's back in 2003. I did buy some used Slee early prototype sliders and I'm still running them. I only this year had to finally replace my stock rear bumper ends - a combination of the Golden Crack and Old Chinaman's Gulch. I'm running an OME heavy lift and 285's. I have run every trail in Moab except Pritchett and Moab Rim.

On the long wheelbase line on Wipe Out Hill you won't drag rockers. You can do Moab very rocker friendly if you have some lift and 285's. You will drag the stock tow hitch and front and rear bumpers.
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