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Default New wallet drain...

I was looking for a used Ducati. I was negotiating one just like this, in Washington state, well sorted. And red.

I knew about, but wouldn't even bother looking for a Paul Smart Limited Edition replica (looks like the Imola GP winning 1972 750SS that made a name for Ducati in modern racing, ridden to victory by English rider Paul Smart); only 2,000 ever made, and only 500 imported to the US in 2006. Probably 300-400 now. Fat chance. It was exactly what I was looking for: retro looks, modern suspension, frame, engine, electrics, ECU, race pipes, best suspension available... naw, not gonna find one. Won't happen.

I literally fell into it. I couldn't say no.

There is literally nothing on the planet like an uncorked Duc at full song.
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