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Originally Posted by DanS View Post
OK, I'm going to try and make CM11, but my Dad wants to come at least for the later part of it (he's got business until the 4th IIRC). I don't know if I'll even be able to be there at all, as my May schedule won't be known until late April (I can call in sick of course, if something really awful shows up on my schedule...). Should I register in my name or Dad's?

Next question: we're planning on bringing his 40. If I can get it finished by May. I don't see any problems with that timeline, but there's an off chance that we'd have to take something else (like my 60, or the faux-lux). Which begs the question: which vehicle shall we register? We won't be doing anything crazy either way, because even though the 40 has two lockers, after all this work, I suspect Dad wouldn't be happy to put a dent in it (at least not for a few years).

Ideas, suggestions?

Hello Dan,
One of the things we use the vehicle you register with is to determine which trails you will be able to run...
For example a non-locked vehicle would not be allowed to run Golden Spike, even if they registered for it early. We would move them to a different trail.

We try to do as much of the pre-check as possible (don't always catch them all up front, but we try to do what we can). You should be O.K. to register with the FJ40, and just send us a note as time gets closer if you know it will be a different vehicle.. If you thinks there is a question, you may want to choose the trails the the least capable vehicle you may bring can run...

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