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Default 2010 Snow and Pizza Run

We had a good run. About 30 rigs. Light snow and ice for the first half or so of the trail. Then big old snow to deal with up high. We had some problems keeping the main group together and making all the correct turns in the beginning. Many ended up making wrong turns and getting off track. Everyone must remember to keep the person in sight behind them.

The first group made good progress and had a lot of fun opening up the trail. We all eventually made it up the the north and south spurs at timberline. A lot of winching and strapping was required to get there which was fun. At timberline very deep old snow was encountered. Tom R. and some from the front group made it all the way through the north spur and to the top of Yankee Hill proper. Many of us tried to make through the south spur and were denied. Steve B. and Chris D. make heroic attempts at full speed. This is the same spot we all worked on for a long time last year and succeeded getting through. We all eventually turned around and made it down and out as planned.

Ige had a problem with a leaking tire bead. Gary C. sheared something pulling someone out and made it back in 3wd. But I believe that was about the only damage.

TreeRoot, Ige and a few other stayed late and tried to make it through the south spur. They missed out on our pizza but were successful I believe. I let her tell that story. Pics later.
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