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Glad you made it out and had a good time Farnham.

Good feedback. So what is the proper technique for hooking two straps together? I usually loop them together with no d-ring. But, when I did that Sat. on several hard pulls on Brady - I wasn't able to get them back apart. I am usually able to after working them by hand.

Originally Posted by farnhamstj View Post
I will mention that I saw way too many D-rings placed between towstraps when yanking people out. Those suckers make great canon balls when a strap breaks. They can shatter windows, dent bodies, distroy radiators, and if you took one to the head I bet it could kill you. Straps break, recovery points fail. Please lets all think and practice safety. Educate our fellow club members and friends with good recovery techniques. Know when it is time to put away the strap and use the winch. I am very greatful that the only damage I saw was to Gary's front hub studs and a tow strap that only tore 3/4 of the way through.
Thanks for the good time.
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