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On the last snow run I used and abused the crap out of a cheap Wouxun That I have had for about 8 months.
I dropped it in the snow, kicked it across the parking lot, and used it with my call sign all day.

It was great having a hand held because I was often out of the truck helping out with a strap or a winch set whenever Scott or Chris asked me what was happening at the back of the pack.

5 Watts was enough to cover all of the snow runners when I was out of the cab. In the truck, if the radio was laying sideways on the seat (poor antenna orientation and the metal cab around it didn't help), It was not good enough to count on for trail coms.

On a do-over, I would choose a smaller, slimmer, simpler HT that would be lighter and fit in a shirt pocket better. 1700mah of battery was enough to get me through 1 day of use.

I know I didn't include a recommendation, Martin, but I thought I could provide a little first hand info about the KG-UVD1P radio in real world operation.
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