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Originally Posted by Jacket View Post
Regarding the issue with the groups splitting up, I've seen it pretty much at each of the last 4 snow runs. When you've got 20-30 trucks, many with different sizes and driver experiences, and a lot of stuck/pull/winch scenarios, it seems to make more sense to me to break up the group into "sub-groups" to keep the entire pack moving. It happened informally on Saturday, and I don't think there is anything wrong with it. But may some of the newer guys might feel differently? Maybe we should ensure that the line up includes an experienced person every 4-5 trucks to have waist gunner responsibility?
The biggest concern were some of the new folks wandered off by themselves. If they would have gotten stuck/lost and had issues with radio contact it could have been a problem. We may want to adopt the buddy system so at least 2 vehicles are always together just to be safe.
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