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Originally Posted by Seldom Seen View Post
I've been using a VX-170 in the truck and it works well. Loud clear audio, easy to read display. I adapted the SMA antenna connection to BNC, makes for an easier connection to the mobile antenna. I ditched the crappy stock antenna for a Larsen BNC duck for portable use.

I haven't had much use for it lately so I'd be willing to part with it. Shoot me a PM if interested.
Did the packaging have attenuation figures for that SMA-BNC adapter? I would never use one of those on an HT to run a duck. A mag mount, sure, in a pinch. I looked into them years ago when the SMA became the Yaesu standard (with my FT50, iirc) and the attenuation on the one HRO had was something close to 15db.
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