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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
You know, this is a really interesting discussion. I have a FT-2800 in a box that I could easily turn into a base station. I think I may just do that. According to the manual, the DC power supply just needs to be capable of 15 Amps continuously at 13.8 Volts.
Check out's for sale forums. There's often at least one power supply on there for sale at a decent discount.

This wouldn't run your 65w rig, but I'd bet it could handle 50w just fine.
Jetstream Power Supply

Anyway, check there periodically, and you can probably find something worthwhile. I think I saw an Astron RS20A on there, but the guy was iffy on shipping.

I got my Astron RS35A on there for about half of what a new one goes for.
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