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Default GM 5.3 question for Marco


I read some really interesting articles on Pirate this morning regarding the cooling systems of 5.3 Vortec motors. There was a pretty good discussion about why the Vortec's have steam vent lines and how they should be routed to the cooling system.

Until this morning, I didn't even know I had steam vent lines, why you need them, etc.

I'm curious if you have yours hooked up and how you routed them? From the article it seems you either have to have an after market surge tank or you have to have a steam vent tap into the low pressure side of your radiator.

I have a Northern aluminum cross flow radiator. There is plenty of room on the side of the tank below the filler neck to weld in a bung for the steam vent to tap into. Do you think you could weld an aluminum bung like this into my tank?

For those with V8 conversions that have minor to severe over heating problems, this is a great thread to read because it covers everything from soup to nuts. It was interesting to discover you can increase the cooling of your existing system any where from 4% to 10% just by adding a surge tank to the system. This apparently is because the surge tank removes air that gets into the coolant from turbulation, and we all know air is an insulator and not a conductor, so thats why the cooling improves.
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