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I'm up for giving you a hand with the work.

That is a bummer about the finances for a machine work on the bottom end. It will be easy enough to replace rings and bearings and if there is not significant wear on the cylinder walls and journals - everything on the bottom end should be just fine for a while. That is good you will be having the head done.

I keep going back and forth in my mind if it would be better/easier to pull everything out of the truck or leave the engine in the truck. To do the rear main seal and clutch, the transmission and t-case need to come out. installing oil pan and side cover gaskets is a bit easier with the engine on the stand. Of course, leaving the engine in - minimizes the risk of mislabeling your engine mounts and the ensuing cuss fest. Either approach will work.

The locker can be done separate from the engine/drive train stuff. It is a pretty straight forward job that should easily be knocked out in an evening. I would think you front is ok, but a full rebuild (including trunion bearings) would remove any doubt whatsoever.
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