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Default Tubeless or Tubes

OK, not a truck question, a bike question....

I thought I might throw it out here and see what the bikers in the group think.

So, lets say somebody was thinking about doing the Colorado Trail Race this August..

I've been riding tubes since i started riding mountain bikes. I have ridden this way all over the boulder/denver area and moab, fruita, ect. Typically I have one flat all season long. I tend to get lucky maybe? Anyways, I ran a Maxxis Ardent front and an Aspen rear which have pretty thin sidewalls last half of the season and I really liked them so I am sticking with them this year. They are tube tires. I have DT Swiss 470 rims which are also tube type rims.

It's on a 29'er for whatever that's worth.

So, this week I "converted" the wheels to tubeless because I felt like trying it, and folks say it is more reliable. Pressure is not really an issue since I tend to run 35psi anyways, so the benifits of being able to run a lower pressure are not really there. I used the Caffe Latex kit.

My plan was to ride the bike this season tubeless and get used to how it runs in terms of maintenance.

So, my question is, would you stick with tubes since that's what I know, or do the tubeless thing? Obviously i'd have to carry the same tubes as spares also some patches for the tires maybe. Same inflation stuff.

I haven't ridden the Colorado trail other than the section between Kenosha and Breck so I know little about the terrain..
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