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I ran the kokopelli on a stan's tubeless conversion. No problems.

I did crash pretty bad once when I landed a jump wrong and burped all the air out of a front tubeless conversion setup. I am confident that in that situation, a conventional tire/tube would have simply been a sloppy, but rideable, landing. Now I run tubeless tires and tubeless rims only.

The only trick to tubeless I have learned is that you do have to "refresh" the goo every year or so. It turns into latex boogerballs in the tire after a while. So you still have to go in and mess with the tubeless tires at least once a year. same as your tube experiences. The weight of tubeless is pretty much a wash too.

Marco, Remember laytex TUBES?! Cool until you got a flat, then they would snakebite in about 15 places in 15 feet!
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